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(Hdb2Win Version 2.4 in preparation for May 2015)

Hdb2Win Version 2.3.2

Advice for users of release 2.3.1

The following release 2.3.2 of the program includes also the files you need to update to SR12 (PaleoTax).

  • make first backup copies,
  • install then Hdb2Win/PaleoTax 2.3.2 (do not open the database), and
  • install finally SR12 .
Release and Components

Hdb2Win 2.3.2 is released in one executable archive. Installation should work without problems under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7/8.

The archive contains the following components

  • Hdb2Win System - Basic files for new installation and update. Required for all users.
  • PaleoTax Database Structure SR 12 - PaleoTax data base structure for new installation and update. Only for PaleoTax [Taxonomic data base] users required.
  • PaleoCol Database Structure SR 4 - PalCol data base structure for new installation and update. Only for PalCol [Collection data base] users required.
  • PaleoTax / Graph - PaleoTax graphic package for new installation and update (Version 2.0.4 Mai 2011). Only required for PaleoTax users who estimate their data base.
  • PaleoTax / Map - Map program package new version and update (Version 2.1 January 2008). Only required for PaleoTax users who would like to plot localities, genera and species.
  • PaleoTax / Measure - Measure tool new installation and update (Version 1.1 Mai 2011). Only required for PaleoTax users who would like to measure two dimensional objects (still Built, see here for explication). — User who would like to work only with PaleoTax/Measure, please go directly to PaleoTax/Measure and download a much smaller archive.
How to install the software

  • Download the archive.
  • Start this executable archive.
  • Install the required moduls.
  • User who install HDB2WIN for the first time, do not need to execute any Service Release.
    User, who have installed an older version before, need to update their data structure: .../[user]/documents/HDB2WIN/SR12/SR12.PRF (for PaleoTax) .

Hdb2Win (10 May 2011) hdb23233.exe (3.5 MB)

Symantec Norton Antivirus erroneously regards hdbB23233.exe a dangerous file which is related with "WS.Reputation.1". This trouble often happens to new executable files with a few users, and the downloaded file is automatically deleted by Norton.


Documentation on Hdb2Win 2.3.1, PaleoTax SR12, PaleoTax/Measure can be downloaded here. There are not anymore installed automatically. For PaleoTax/PalCol users its is important to read the documentation because of various changes in the file management.
For PaleoTax 2.0 a German Handbuch, for PaleoTax 2.1 a manual in the English language is available. Please check also the list of extra documentation as PDF files.

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