A palaeontological database of RUDIST BIVALVES

A palaeontological database of RUDIST BIVALVES

(Mollusca: Hippuritoidea, Gray 1848)


Introduction to Rudist Palaeontology

A brief introduction to the evolution, morphology and palaeoecology rudist bivalves, including images of characteristic fossils and suggestions for further reading

Rudist Formations

Photographs of rudist formations and links to information about rudist localities

Taxonomic Database

This database contains exclusively published data on the taxonomy, regional and stratigraphical distribution of rudist bivalves. It was compiled with the database system Paleotax, a very recommendable tool for palaeontologists. The compilation of published information is not yet completed. A few publications affecting the synonymy or nomenclature of certain species may have remained unrecorded at the present stage. The database will be updated regularly.

Author: Thomas Steuber