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Information on the database of Orbitolinid Foraminifera

Name : Database of Orbitolinid Foraminifera
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Purpose : Data on the taxonomy, spatial and temporal distribution of Orbitolinid Foraminifera.
Scope : Taxonomic : Family Orbitolinidae. Spatial : Globally. Temporal : Early to early Late Cretaceous (distribution of the family).
Intended audience : Everyone who is interested in this organism group.
Platform / Software : Created using the paleontological database program PaleoTax (freeware) and uploaded every month.
Data model : 37 tables of six complexes :
  • Literature - references, journals, authors
  • Stratigraphic data - ages, age boundaries, biozones
  • Geographic data - localities, regions, countries
  • Specimen data - (type) specimens, preparations, photos of specimens
  • Taxonomic data - families, genera with type species, species with synonyms, repository of type specimens
  • Citations - citations of species in the literature, occurrences of taxa at localities
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Terminology Conventions for Data Entry: -
Output Query System: -
Available User Support: All questions will be answered by the author H. Loeser.
Date of Establishment: January 2001.
Location: CPress Publishing House, Dresden, Germany
Size: About 500 citation data, 350 occurrences, 40 genera, 100 species.
Institutional and Financial Support: -
Long-Term Maintenance Plans: Finishing data recording. Database will be maintained at the server in Germany as a permanent resource for the scientific community.
Contact: For the program as well for the database contact Hannes Loeser (